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This is a digital forum for interaction and reflection between our leadership and its community, focused on topics of interest to all. It will reflect the voice and personal views of the Marymount Director, Dr. Anabella Martínez.


It is a commonly held belief that motivation wins over procrastination; if you are motivated enough to do something, you will not procrastinate. In April 2020, I decided to start writing a blog for the Marymount Barranquilla community: students, teachers, staff, parents, and alumni, as a means of keeping them connected with the progress of MM 2023. I wrote it and launched it. I quickly realized that I needed student input to reach them; I put a call out for students and got an interesting response. With a group of 10-12 high school students, we worked on a plan for a student-led blog where we would engage in collaborative writing. We came up with a name: Marymount Mind Mapping, and a logo . We came short in the format and design; they thought it needed to be more appealing to students. A subset of students had committed to redesigning, and it did not happen. The pandemic hit, reorganizing a school to provide online learning became a priority, and I stopped there. But motivation does win over procrastination! I am relaunching MM Mind Mapping as a forum to share thoughts and reflections with the Marymount Barranquilla community in our journey as we grow together to be the leaders educating leaders. , and why not with a broader audience interested in the topics to be addressed


Navegando el futuro: capítulo 2 y 3

  Hoy, en la continuación de la entrada del blog 'Navegando el Futuro', compartimos dos fascinantes episodios en formato de podcast. En el Capítulo 2, podrás escuchar la experiencia de Alejandro Escorcia, exalumno de Marymount. Luego, en el Capítulo 3, Patricia Malabet, directora del programa Explore Horizons, compartirá su visión exclusiva. ¡No te los pierdas! Para escuchar el capítulo 2, haz clic en la imagen a continuación. Para escuchar el capítulo 3, haz clic en la imagen a continuación.

Latest Posts

Navegando el futuro

Topic 2: The Tip of the Iceberg: Diversity Beyond Appearance

Topic 1: Diversity in the Context of Homogeneity

Topic 3 Differences Bring Us Together - Sept 22

We shared an enriching conversation between School Directors, Anabella Martínez (Marymount Barranquilla) and Mónica Recio (Colegio Hebreo Unión), discussing how differences can strengthen our bonds. In our diverse world, they emphasized the importance of fostering understanding and tolerance among students.

Differences Bring Us Together